Shadows On The Wind - acoustic

from Shadows On The Wind - acoustic

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Buy Now Inspired by the storms that have ravaged this country over the years and how people need to come together to overcome both natural and human adversities.


Shadows On The Wind Storm clouds flood – firestorms blaze Tornados twist and hurricanes rage Destroying our homes, land and lives Helping one another keeps us alive CHO We’re all shadows on the wind Following our faith that lives within Believing – giving with all our hearts To strengthen our souls when we’re in the dark Betrayal creates fear – leaving a tearful stain Lives are touched with such agonizing pain Forgiveness alone cannot soothe all the wounds Love and understanding will fill the empty womb To make money we work away our lives Sacrifice and struggle is the way we survive Hard to keep our heads up – tired day by day When you’re down and out, it’s time to pray p2011


Written by Bill and Nancy Madison Recorded and Performed by Bill Madison


Singer Songwriter


All Rights Reserved
Shadows On The Wind - acoustic
Shadows On The Wind - acoustic
  • Shadows On The Wind - acoustic

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